Örebro AIK has years of experience when it comes to arranging triathlon events and we see our commitment in Örebro Triathlon as a natural way of increasing interest in triathlon. We offer a triathlon with a flat and fast course in a scenic environment that is perfect for personal records. The course is audience friendly and both swimming and running can be followed up close.

Available classes are:

  • Open class is suitable for beginners and doesn’t require race license or membership in a club. Prices will be handed out to the foremost
  • Senior class is a competition class and require that you have both race license and club membership. Price money will be handed out to the foremost

Race distances are as follows:

  • Sprint – 750 m swim, 20 km bike and 5 km run
  • Middle – 1900 m swim, 90 km bike and 21 km run
  • Relay – a team consists of three people who will perform one moment each: one swimmer, one cyclist and one runner(=3 people). Relay is only available in sprint distance and open class

Other things that may be good to know:

During the competition there will be judges who together with you as a participant has the task of making the competition as safe and fair as possible. That means that there are rules and regulations that are important for you to know about.

 We want to emphasize your own responsibility as a participant:

  • Know and follow the rules of the competition
  • Know the race course
  • Outside assistance is not permitted during the competition
  • Make sure to take note of current regulations (start PM)
  • Follow traffic rules and instructions from crew, traffic guards and judges

Race rules:

  • The rules of the Swedish Triathlon Association apply, read at the Swedish Triathlon Association website
  • It is important that you read the start PM for the contest where additional information and rules are available
  • Common traffic regulations apply

The most important rules are:

  • Follow instructions from crew, traffic guards and judges
  • Headphones and similar is not allowed during the race
  • Lock the chin strap of the helmet before taking the bike from the station and keep the helmet on until you hung back the bike
  • Never cross the center line with your bike
  • Keep at least 10/12 meters gap (sprint/middle) to the cyclist in front of you, as long as you are not planning to overtake
  • Overtaking always takes place on the left side. Facilitate faster participants by always holding to the right
  • It is not allowed to ride/run in bare upper body
  • It is not allowed to throw garbage (bottles, bars, gels etc) along the track other than in connection with the fluid stations along the run
  • You have to mount your bike after the marked line when you go out on the bike track
  • You must step off your bike before the marked line when you have finished the bike and are entering the transition area again
  • Bibs must not be worn during swimming, but should be worn during cycling and running

Show consideration to other participants and the public. And don´t forget to have fun 🙂